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FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

FRAMECAD F325iT-L Manufacturing System

12,423 views November 14, 2019

Featuring the same versatility as the F325iT manufacturing system, F325iT-L features an...

Case Study

Case Study - FRAMECOR

109 views April 27, 2023

US-based FRAMECOR is interrupting the commercial and residential construction industry with steel...

Case Study

Case Study - Tori Contracting

93 views April 27, 2023

Design-led construction is a game changer for Tori Contracting. Discover more about the benefits...

Case Study

Field Hospital

1,025 views March 23, 2022

Project That Defines The Speed Of Construction

Case Study

KENPAT Helps Habitat for Humanity

1,913 views February 27, 2022

Cold formed steel framing - speed & accuracy

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

Tiny Home Assembly

1,159 views October 19, 2021

A tiny home assembly at the Las Vegas demo center

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

Open Day at Vegas Demo Center

682 views September 29, 2021

The first Open Day at our new Las Vegas Demo Center. The team took visitors through a live demo...

FRAMECAD Design and Build

FRAMECAD System Overview

8,673 views May 24, 2020

The FRAMECAD SystemFRAMECAD's end-to-end system for cold formed steel construction delivers more...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

FRAMECAD TF550H: ideal to produce wall frames,...

8,206 views October 15, 2018

FRAMECAD has upgraded the TF550H with a newly designed swage which enables the easy assembly of...