Framecad Design and Build

Framecad Design and Build

FRAMECAD - The Way the World Constructs

5,415 views May 13, 2019

Rapid construction, the smart way. The FRAMECAD System delivers large scale Cold Formed Steel...

Framecad Design and Build

FRAMECAD Structure 9.0 Update

2,041 views December 13, 2018

FRAMECAD Structure makes real time engineering calculations as the designs are created, analysing...

Framecad Design and Build

FRAMECAD The way the world constructs_中文.mp4

138 views May 26, 2019


Framecad Design and Build

MyFRAMECAD V2 Overview

769 views October 15, 2018

MyFRAMECAD is FRAMECAD’s cloud-based customer portal designed to give you the tools and...

Framecad Design and Build

Why Builders Choose Light Gauge Steel Framing

7,115 views October 15, 2018

Ben Hatcher, from the New Zealand building company Team Builders 2000, talks about the benefits...

Framecad Design and Build

Six Reasons Why Cold Formed Steel is a Superior...

2,196 views November 21, 2018

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern...


The Benefits and Advantages of Building with...

15,414 views October 15, 2018

Light Gauge steel is the right choice for building cost effective, sustainable, rot and insect...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

How To Construct Using Steel Framing

44,589 views October 15, 2018

This video gives a basic overview of some of the best practice tips and tricks for accurately...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

FRAMECAD Mobile Factory

4,853 views October 15, 2018

See the FRAMECAD Mobile Factory come together as a complete, portable steel framing 'factory in a...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

Benefits of the FRAMECAD System

29,049 views October 15, 2018

FRAMECAD is the leading steel framing design and build system. This video explains that design...