Case Study

Case Study

The Langdon Apartments Project

1,668 views May 06, 2019

One of Australia's largest Light Gauge Steel Framing project: 156,873m of Lineal Steel 2085...

Case Study

Watch the construction of a residential...

61,393 views October 23, 2018

This single dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This 358m2 single-storey house is...

Case Study

Case Study - Sydney Frames & Trusses

103 views May 22, 2023

Sydney Frames & Trusses find the versatility that the FRAMECAD system offers a huge advantage....

Case Study

Case Study - True Blue Steel Frames

121 views April 27, 2023

Australian-based True Blue Steel Frames see many benefits of building with steel frames,...

Case Study

Case Study - FRAMECOR

90 views April 27, 2023

US-based FRAMECOR is interrupting the commercial and residential construction industry with steel...

Case Study

Case Study - Tori Contracting

81 views April 27, 2023

Design-led construction is a game changer for Tori Contracting. Discover more about the benefits...

Case Study

Case Study - Frame Up Now

55 views April 27, 2023

Do-it-yourselfers are buying steel framing house kits from U.S. based Frame Up Now and...

Case Study

Case Study - Speedhouse Group

70 views April 27, 2023

Moving to steel framing gave Speedhouse Group the confidence to take on more technically...

Case Study

Case Study - Perry Steel Framing & Anthem Homes

3,118 views November 03, 2022

Building partnership thrives to innovate and find ways to work faster and smarter. Watch more...

Case Study


206 views July 14, 2022

Award-winning CFS project by Orange Coast College. The California-based team named their...

Case Study

Field Hospital

1,001 views March 23, 2022

Project That Defines The Speed Of Construction

Case Study

KENPAT Helps Habitat for Humanity

1,882 views February 27, 2022

Cold formed steel framing - speed & accuracy