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Case Study

Case Study - True Blue Steel Frames

62 views April 27, 2023

Australian-based True Blue Steel Frames see many benefits of building with steel frames,...

Case Study

Case Study - Tori Contracting

43 views April 27, 2023

Design-led construction is a game changer for Tori Contracting. Discover more about the benefits...

Case Study

Case Study - Frame Up Now

29 views April 27, 2023

Do-it-yourselfers are buying steel framing house kits from U.S. based Frame Up Now and...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

Tiny Home Assembly

999 views October 19, 2021

A tiny home assembly at the Las Vegas demo center

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

FRAMECAD PEB300 Manufacturing system

7,651 views October 15, 2018

The PEB300 produces frames for portal buildings and purlins. The Manufacturing System is is an...