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Case Study

Watch the construction of a residential...

59,260 views October 23, 2018

This single dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This 358m2 single-storey house is...

FRAMECAD Manufacturing System

FRAMECAD F325iT - Ideal for residential and...

23,334 views October 15, 2018

The F325iT is a highly versatile member of the FRAMECAD® manufacturing system. It has been...

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-how 19 Panel Notch Command

62 views February 15, 2024

Discover how to set up panel notch commands using FRAMECAD Structure in this Know-how video.

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-How 18 Panel Stack Command

25 views January 08, 2024

Watch this FRAMECAD Structure Know-how video and learn more about the panel stack command

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-How 17 Structural Tolerance

335 views November 16, 2023

Learn about structural tolerance and how to set it up in FRAMECAD Structure in this Know-how...

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-How 16 Vertical Web Members

41 views September 18, 2023

Discover how to create vertical web members in lintels using FRAMECAD Structure in this Know-How...

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-How 15 Eave Options

40 views July 21, 2023

Learn how to access and use the eave options in this FRAMECAD Structure Know-How video.

Case Study

Case Study - Sydney Frames & Trusses

83 views May 22, 2023

Sydney Frames & Trusses find the versatility that the FRAMECAD system offers a huge advantage....

FRAMECAD Know how software videos

Know-How 14 Truss Orientation

70 views May 22, 2023

Explore truss orientation settings in FRAMECAD Structure software in this Know-How video, watch...

Case Study

Case Study - True Blue Steel Frames

100 views April 27, 2023

Australian-based True Blue Steel Frames see many benefits of building with steel frames,...

Case Study

Case Study - FRAMECOR

71 views April 27, 2023

US-based FRAMECOR is interrupting the commercial and residential construction industry with steel...

Case Study

Case Study - Tori Contracting

69 views April 27, 2023

Design-led construction is a game changer for Tori Contracting. Discover more about the benefits...